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Why so down? I assume market expectations were higher than what they reported, but in what categories did Apple fall short / what else was as good as expected?

The AAPL stock M/O for as long as I have kept track of it is buy on rumors, sell on news, regardless of how accurate the rumors were or how good the news is.

drop in gross margin from 41.8% to 36.9%

also, someone mentioned (CNBC?) that Wall Street thinks Apple should have sold more than 4.19 million iPads this quarter. Errr...

"Buy the rumor, sell the news"


If you look at the past few weeks it looks like most analysts already expected pretty good news from Apple.

This might not have been quite as good as expected - considering they were at 280 on Oct 1 and now are still 30 points higher I'm guessing there's a lot of investors trying to take some money off the table now.

It could also be because their predicted net revenue and profit for next quarter is not as high as the market expected it to be.

The Ipad and Ipod sales are much lower then expected.

iPod sales were expected (more iPhone victims), iPad expectations are just unrealistic.

No kidding. They sold 80% of the consensus prediction of 5 million units. That still puts Apple on track to sell at least 16 million iPads in its first year on the market.

Minimum retail price for an iPad is $500. 16m units X $500 = at least $8 billion gross revenue.

How many companies can take a new product line from $0 to $8+ billion in one year? It may 'disappoint' the analysts in a technical sense, but Apple's shareholders should be doing cartwheels at this news.

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