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Not that my opinion should hold much weight, but: I truly appreciate your candor.

(As a general statement,) I, and many others, only wish to have reasonable, rational discussions. It's impossible to do that when there exist people who seek to subvert those constructive discussions by simply branding people--who they very likely know next to nothing about--and then inferring all sorts of (incorrect) beliefs from those brands (e.g. "conservative"). We would all benefit from not jumping to conclusions. And from having access to the truth, undistorted.

I don't think people are trying to subvert constructive discussion, rather, people have a low bar for what they consider constructive for certain subjects.

I agree. I also feel that the majority of people have a low bar for that, like you say; I don't suspect most people consciously try to subvert constructive discussion, but I do know that's a tactic employed by a small minority.

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