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Part if this is about enforcing the safe harbor provisions that exempted them from liable lawsuits for content posted on their sites. Media outlets can be sued but these tech platforms cannot but the entire argument for that was that they were neutral platforms. As soon as they started to ban people based on subjective criteria that went out the window. The fact is that safe harbor is what allowed them to grow, but you are no longer an unbiased neutral site when when start to curate content.

Now if they were subject to the same laws that traditional media is then I would agree with you on your first point, but then again these companies would never have been able to grow to their current size if they were.

As to your second point, the party is not calling these views republican. It is however stating that their views, no matter how repulsive, deserve an equal opportunity to express themselves in the public square under the first amendment.....and the fact is that these platforms have become the public square..... Jack Dorsey admitted to that during the congressional hearings and safe harbor strengthens that argument. Now if they want to use the private company excuse that's fine, but then lets strip out the safe harbor provisions since they are not acting as neutral parties.

I don't see how a blacklist of people (banned people) throws out safe harbor out the window. People will abuse your platform, and you can ban some of them when possible. That doesn't seem to me to make you liable for the rest of the people.

But if you maintain a whitelist of people through some manual approval step (such as a blue checkmark) I could see that being a different matter.

> People will abuse your platform

Traditionally though that meant abusing as in (1) deliberately consuming disproportionate resources or (2) attemtping to undermine the infrastructure. Not in posting things that are considered by leadership to be bad.

Forum and blog owners have long banned people who post/comment abusive stuff, or even stuff that just insults the owners.

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