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Thank you for indication of the showdead feature. That's useful. Though, though his/her comment wasn't removed, the fact that I have to turn on "showdead" in order to see it says something.

That being said, remarkEon's comment was far from: "tedious, partisan and uncivil". That's ludicrous.

remarkEon was replying to a comment by user "olliej" which stated:

> the primary “imbalanced exposure” seems to be due to evicting people who simply spend their time attacking minorities, attack equal rights, and promoting violence towards anyone that they dislike.

This is a _blatant_ "tedious, partisan and uncivil" comment. remarkEon was pointing out _only_ that this is a "gross misrepresentation". Additionally, user "olliej" stated:

> For whatever reason the Republican Party seems to have decided that those people represent “conservative” views that private companies should have to support.

Again, remarkEon is entirely correct in pointing out another gross misrepresentation which is tedious, partisan, and uncivil.

If you attack remarkEon's comment as being the problem, rather than a statement pointing out the problem, you are sorely mistaken.

By the way, olliej's comment stands in full force; it has not been grayed out, and I don't have to turn on "showdead" to see it.

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