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What are things? Is money a thing? Can PayPal decide to lock your account and not give you your money back? What about selling your data to other companies? Are those things. You bought media on Google or Amazon and then they close your account because you criticized them on social media. Is that media "things"? See it is a bit more nuanced in today's world than just saying well they didn't knock on your door and took your microwave away, so qualitatively a different situation.

It's trivial to not use PayPal, though. They don't have a monopoly on money. They can't come take all of your possessions and land like the militarized colonial-era private companies could. It's not remotely comparable.

If you want a better modern day example than Silicon Valley tech companies, look at Chiquita. They have had paid paramilitary forces committing murder to protect their interests during this millennium. Until PayPal is literally killing people in order to steal their money and property, you can't say that they are remotely similar.

This is not a defense of PayPal by the way; I dislike them for the same reason you do. But perspective is important.

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