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If you look at the quote in context, what Obama was saying it clearly is nothing like you are spinning it. He was asking Latinxs voters to "punish" those who won't stand with them on certain issues, by voting against Republicans

Compare this to the current president who calls a free press the "enemy of the people", threatens reporters with violence at his rallies, calls them scum and slime, and wants to quash any and all opposition to him, including wanting to revoke the right to broadcast from media that criticizes him.


Hard to take seriously any feigned concerns of free speech, especially when we're talking about deplatforming white supremacists and violent conspiracy theorists on private networks.

I urge you to read the ACLU link above and think critically if Trump sounds like someone who should be leading a free and healthy democracy.


So, you did you not read the link or just felt pivoting to the economy was somehow relevant to the health of our democracy?

If you think the IS is a free and healthy democracy, then I don't know what to tell you. Our perception of hegemonies change as the complexities and subtleties are magnified now more than ever, but a hegemony now is not any different from one a thousand years ago.

America is as much a healthy democracy as the Roman republic.

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