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Can you give even a single example of how the parent comment is a gross misrepresentation?

Who is a conservative personality that's been silenced by a tech company but has never attacked minorities, equal rights, or promoted violence?

Just today...


Contrast this with actor Peter Fonda, who called for Trump's son to be caged with pedophiles and did so with impunity from Twitter.

Brendan Eich, for donating to the campaign for a (stupid) law that was later approved by voters.

> has never attacked minorities, equal rights

> Brendan Eich

You might try an example that's not directly a demonstration of exactly what the comment you are replying to was pointing out.

Unless by "a single example of how the parent comment is a gross misrepresentation" you interpreted it as a request for a similar misinterpretation.

In addition, Eich was never "silenced by a tech company". He was not fired, he resigned.


Ah yes, the old argument that "the left" is the reason "the right" rose into power in the first place, as a reaction.

The "left" was never in power. All the hysteria about Obama fueled The Tea Party then Trump, yet he was never a progressive beacon. Obama is a true Democrat - an even-keeled centrist that would be barely "liberal" in most of the rest of the Western world. (Remember: NSA, drone strikes, was against gay marriage originally)

It's garbage. It was always garbage, and the only logical explanation i can find why the American right found so much to get excited about Obama is his race.

And now, it's a bully telling their victim that it's all their fault.

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