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Personal Computing (1975) [pdf] (mprove.de)
44 points by mpweiher 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

What happened to this future?

I miss it.

It still exists. We learned that the "Interim Dynabook" is really useful to certain classes of professionals, and we learned that the "Dynabook" is a lot more valuable when it fits in your pocket, even though that requires serious compromises in terms of user input quality.

The reason you can't see it is two-fold; first, people who don't actively extend systems by habit care less about the underlying system or its hackability. A similar line of thinking believed television would provide a level of enlightment that never happened for all that educational shows still exist on public channels. Second, money got involved. Passive consumers are more profitable in aggregate and less risky.

I think you may have just brilliantly expressed the human condition...


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