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Adding to projects without authorization, is extremely popular all around, if the commit/pr is useful. My boss sees it as taking initiative, helping others, and broadening my skill set. Other teams see it as getting free work.

Even when my contributions suck people think of it as a positive and often teach me the right to do the code or explain why the change is not necessary.

As far as books go I don't have anything to recommend. For me improving fundamentals was really about figuring out what I didn't understand and diving in to learn it. I prefer online materials over books but one book I have read that I thought was great is 'the pragmattic programmer'. https://www.amazon.com/Pragmatic-Programmer-Journeyman-Maste...

Awesome, congrats on your success and thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks, it can take a little while for the fruit of this approach to show up. And it doesn’t work in all organizations but I think it’s a great idea for a lot of software engineers.

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