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Seeing plenty of comments on here about not wanting to experience a kidney stone, and while I've not had one, I knew someone who did. He was pretty much the 'hardest' guy I know - very manly, did lots of stuff like rally driving, etc. He used to do motorbike racing, and in once race he fell off and his fingers got caught between the chain and rear sprocket - leading to damage which meant surgery and a permanently disfigured hand - but he still managed to get back on the bike and finish the race. That's the kind of guy he was.

This man described passing a kidney stone as the 'worst pain imaginable', so I can only imagine what I would think it was like... Since that day I've made sure I drink plenty of water.

The article describes them as a coral reef in your kidney. Having cut myself on a coral reef while diving, I can only imagine running one of those through my kidneys. The thoughts of it make me almost pass out.

There's a home remedy (not sure if it works): add some baking soda to the water; this will help dissolve the stones or prevent them from forming in the first place. Of course, adding too much can cause other issues such as low stomach acid (digestive) problems.

While there are a few things that _might_ slow the formation a bit, there isn't anything that will dissolve already formed stones of the most common type (calcium oxolate). Some of the less common stone types like uric acid stones do have possible treatments in some cases.

Just drinking a lot more water is the only treatment that really does help slow or stop the formation for many people.

I would think adding more salt would only worsen the problem. Adding soluble salts are used to precipitate other salts (e.g common ion effect). Not sure how valid that is here tho.

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