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They may be "beautiful" to look at through a microscope, but goodness forbid you don't want to "experience" one! (My experience was only a tiny stone 8 years ago, that was "resolved" by drinking litres of water. Still a goddamned hell that was.)

I had 3 stones in my right salivary gland which I dropped when I was 12 or something like that. My experience was: (1) since it was insanely painful and I could feel it with my hand (just above my neck) I kept pushing it forward and forward which made channels inside my right salivary gland to get larger and it's still (after ~10 years) larger than my left gland. (2) My mom never believed me that there is something there, he thought I'm just sick and that's the lymph node. When I finally took the stone out of there with my own effort, she was like "haha there is no way that came out of your mouth, that's probably just leftover food in your mouth". Thankfully my doctor knew better. (3) Every time the stone kept getting smaller (the first one was like ginormous, the third one was barely visible) but I think the smaller the stone, the sharper it gets and god that third one was so fucking painful.

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