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So far in the wild I've mostly seen it being used to confuse. Like in the very first part of the TestCafe documentaion (https://github.com/DevExpress/testcafe#creating-the-test):

    fixture `Getting Started`// declare the fixture
      .page `https://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/example`;  // specify the start page

    //then create a test and place your code there
    test('My first test', async t => {
      await t
        .typeText('#developer-name', 'John Smith')
      // ...
I spent ages going through their docs trying to find out why they specify their two main functions differently (`fixture` using tagged templates and `test` as a regular functions). In the docs it mentions "doesn't matter which way you do it". It's just there to confuse / impress.

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