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> Infact, apart from SQORN, I’ve never seen this syntax used elsewhere.

https://www.styled-components.com maybe?

https://observablehq.com also uses this to great effect.

https://github.com/bdowning/sql-assassin is something I wrote for myself that is very similar to SQORN and uses templates for the same reason.

I've also used them for DSLs, i.e. the following grammar compiler (where the actions are literal functions defined in the grammar string as follows), sadly never released:


facebook's relay uses it to find and compile graphql queries


Nim: https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/3046

You can do almost anything with Nim, for function calls! I personally like UFCS (Uniform Function Call Syntax), aka:

    let something: int = item.function(arg2, arg3,...).function.function(vararg).etc

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