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The vid made me smile :) Yes, maru was conceived as part of the STEPS program, to provide a minimal runtime base for an OS. As such it's focus was on being able to produce DSLs for a higher level of abstraction, and hence needed to provide the ability to extend composition (http://piumarta.com/freeco11/freeco11-piumarta-oecm.pdf).

Personally I've been interested in replacing the GC part of maru with a structural method of managing memory (http://concurrency.ch/Content/publications/Blaeser_ETH_Diss_...), this would require extending the language with the Composita primitives, but not really sure how this'll go yet.

The Lumen-C compiler sounds good! Yes the tricky part is the self compilation, I'm wondering if you'll just end up with a maru-like system if you follow this down?

Alternatively the other way of doing this is via an explicitly generated runtime as-per Ferret (https://github.com/nakkaya/ferret)?

decisions decisions :)

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