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The EV cert is served with example.com, where Alice can see it.

EV is not necessary for card.example.com because a) it's not a domain that Alice will visit directly, and b) Bob has out-of-band opportunities to confirm that he wants his application to connect to card.example.com.

EV does not provide better technical security than DV, it provides better information for following up on problems. If Alice thinks Bob ripped her off, she can look at the EV cert on example.com to get the legal name of Bob's business and the locality in which it is incorporated, and file a complaint against him. She doesn't need to know about how Bob processes credit cards to do that.

But why bake this stuff into the certificate in this scenario?

If Alice is only going to check any of this long afterwards it doesn't need to be part of the X.509 certificates issued for the Web PKI, Alice can check in any number of ways which business it is that she thinks ripped her off.

Of course since she waited until after she was ripped off it may be that it's a company with no practical presence in her country and she can't do anything about it anyway. But EV doesn't make any difference there.

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