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Perl 5 has a problem with multilevel existence checks. Unfortunately this has been part of Perl 5 for such a long time that too many programs depend on this behaviour. Attempts at fixing this behaviour have all been reverted as far as I know.

Perl 6 does not have that problem. One can even bind an alias to non-existing keys in a hash (several levels deep) only to have vivification happen as soon as you assign to the alias.

    my %h;
    my $deep := %h<a><b><c>;
    say %h<a>:exists;        # False
    say %h<a><b>:exists;     # False
    say %h<a><b><c>:exists;  # False
    $deep = 42;
    say %h<a><b><c>:exists;  # True

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