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Yes, IPFS is purely hash based which is great for static images/movies.

DAT is also hash based, but at least it has support for top-level asymmetric keys that you can put files into, and ADD files to without the root directory changing its hash. IPNS works around this, but isn't ideal.

Neither systems can handle high frequency P2P data that changes - for instance Reddit-like sites etc. those ( http://notabug.io ) and other sites like the Internet Archive (which has IPFS, WebTorrent, and GUN versions decentralized) are built on our system (https://github.com/amark/gun), are already pushing terabytes of P2P traffic.

And don't forget about WebTorrent and Secure Scuttlebutt!!!

Not sure if this fully addresses your use-case, but I like the idea of serving a static bootloader from IPFS. The bootloader would contain all of a website's assets, and code for getting dynamic content from a backend. The backend could be:

- A central API where the bootloader can do arbitrary validation on the API responses.

- WebTorrent, Scuttlebutt, IPFS PubSub, etc.

Yes, that is already what the P2P Reddit does, but without IPFS (although this is a good idea!), and using GUN as the "backend" (fully P2P/decentralized though), SEA for validation/security (no need for a central one), and DAM for pubsub (no flooding problems like in libp2p) which can do WebRTC.

I'm sure people would love to see an IPFS version of a bootloader, instead of HTTP, that is a cool idea. Have a repo for it?

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