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Job wise passion can be defined as: mastery + control + status + money (but in relative terms: a really successful guitar instructor is not going to make as much as a Big 4 CEO)

Someone talked about some senior manager he knew that was not passionate at all.

I've met some senior managers that weren't passionate about their jobs too. Problem was, they had money, status and mastery, but they lacked control. Their decisions were just a mirror of what the higher echelons expected, not what they thought the company should be doing.

Another example could be the "enterprise Scrum" which is bashed all the time in here. Why is that?

#Money: are developers well payed? Yes. #Mastery: Can they develop mastery working this way? Probably not. #Status: do they have some status inside the org? No #Control: have they any control left over they jobs? No.

Funny that while I was writing this I was participating in a remote daily meeting. What were the participants doing? They were trying to boss around. Why? Because they lacked status and control. That's why!

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