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I am currently paying for Hulu Plus and can't figure out whether it's worth it or not. Things that bother me are (1) commercials despite me paying, (2) the fact that I can't reliably play the videos on my Ubuntu boxes since they use Flash, (3) lack of content from certain networks (e.g.: Survivor is only available on cbs.com, not on Hulu which makes it kind of useless to try to build a media center PC around Hulu), (4) all the silly clips of shows they have: I am trying to watch full episodes and think that clips are for YouTube, and finally (5) the fact that since I started paying they pulled a bunch of content (e.g.: first season of Glee, first season of Modern Family, etc.) despite the premise that you pay for that content being available.

On one hand I'm still actively using their service. On the other, I am trying to figure out the most effective way to tell them that I am not satisfied with it. Canceling will lose them $120/year which is measly. Anybody got any ideas of how to make an impact on what they do?

Alternatively, does anyone know of (legal) alternatives to Hulu? I have no problem with paying for a good service, just can't find someone to give my money to.

"(2) the fact that I can't reliably play the videos on my Ubuntu boxes since they use Flash"

Hulu Desktop the flex app and hulu.com works great on all my Ubuntu systems. I have an Ubuntu box connected to my TV and Hulu Desktop is one of my main apps. I'm surprised you have problems with flash videos on Ubuntu.

Netflix would have been a good alternative but Netflix streaming doesn't work on Linux.

My systems are either a couple of years old or low powered (netbook), so full screen video is unbearable and even without scaling is fairly choppy. At the same time hi-def Xvid works fantastically.

I'm very happy with Netflix, but you'd have a rather hard time getting it running on Linux: the best workarounds are running a Windows VM or playing the Wii Netflix disc through the Dolphin emulator.

Only downside is the content can be a bit lacking, but it has most (if not all) of the shows I usually watch, so I'm content.

I supplement my NetFlix with Hulu. I personally use Boxee to build a media center like computer and it automatically pulls from the many different websites, like NetFlix, Hulu, CBS and others.

Makes my life simpler since I get one interface that just lets me view my TV shows.

Yes, Netflix is pretty great. They are adding more and more content that is viewable online, and I really like their Wii interface (far simpler than the Netflix interface on TiVo or Xbox 360).

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