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In most other professions from doctors to electricians, years of experience equates to years of expertise. In software development, the technologies change so rapidly that a large amount of time is spent learning the technologies and tools. You may be a veteran Java or C++ developer with intricate knowledge of the underlying frameworks and implementations. At some point those technologies are replaced and that knowledge is worthless. All those years of experience are gone. Sure some general experience was gained, but anything related to specific implementation details is gone.

The only thing that stays are the fundamentals. Focus on the core science and math aspects of software development, and your skills will only grow over the years, instead of constantly being deprecated as the landscape changes. Learn all of the design patterns and O notations and forget about the latest javascript framework flavor of the week.

What a valuable comment!

I am 37 and I am not a programmer but I do read a lot about programming and related areas. Practically speaking, I don't see myself becoming a professional programmer but I still want to pursue programming just to whet my learning appetite.

But what puts me off is this 'framework' dependent programming. It is just frustrating. Your knowledge of framework just doesn't stay with me. And I really don't learn anything fundamental.

This is an excellent answer! With the ever-changing frameworks and libraries, I couldn't agree more.

Rel: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16352336

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