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Yes, they have been around for quite a while already, although I don't know if they have since updates their tech stack. Back when I played with it apps were formed from a bunch of bash scripts that simply automate install and uogrades. One nice thing though was the self made SSO module for nginx, so everything supporting http basic authentication could easily be integrated.

Nowadays I am running Cloudron for these use cases. Here the big plus in apps is that each app runs on docker and has to use the Cloudron docker vase image (with very few paths having write access), through that apps and the server can easily backed up and restored in exactly the same state (user, data, apps installed).

I looked at Cloudron after comment. It is well done. Cloudron seems to have a monthly charge on top of what you might pay for your cloud hosting provider. Is my understanding correct?

There is a free version where you can only install two apps and have five users:


But it's open source, so if you can life without the automatic updates and the app store (install apps and updates manually through their cli utility) you can still install more apps.

Can you actually install and update more than two apps via CLI with the free plan??

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