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Last week I attend a Meetup where the author of these benchmarks gave a talk about his experiments. While the goal is noble, the benchmark suffers from some serious problems:

- it's just a snapshot of the performance at one point in time

- the number of benchmarks is way too low to be statistically significant

- the benchmarks were invoked from a local PC, so the overhead tests did depend on the location of the author and the network he was connected to

- the benchmarks don't consider factors like AWS Lambda functions being powered by different types of EC2 instances

Because of these problems I wouldn't count on the results, but as the author himself points out, it might be a good starting point for constantly collecting benchmarks of Serverless providers:

> To improve quality and validity of this data, I want to create a service that continuously collects data by requesting serverless functions, every hour and every day and provide the recent data on a dedicated website. This will cause quiet some costs for the serverless requests, so if you or your company (talk to your boss!) wants to support me in collecting this data, I plan on setting up a Patreon or OpenCollective account for that. For now if you’re interested, just leave your mail here and I will contact you as soon as the project starts.

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