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Hindu god Ganesha was created to curb Buddhism and thats why Buddhism is not famous in india.

I am Hindu but unaware of this fact. Though I'll do some googling but can you provide your source and reasoning behind that?

I am aware Shankaracharya did try to curb Buddhism but I wasn't aware of ganesha angle.

All the states in india have the practice of people having their caste name as their surname except in the state of Tamilnadu(about 70 million population). This was due to one atheist man's effort who opposed the caste system Periyar(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Periyar_E._V._Ramasamy). He broke the ganesha statue on the day of buddha's birthday as an act of protesting the use of ganesha to instigate the religious violence for political benefits. Ganesha was created to stop people from converting to buddhism. That's why ganesha was always found under the palm tree which is buddha's place. Also ganesha statue is made gigantic and is taken in to streets and made more entertaining festival inorder to create more merriness and keep people more engaged and not to feel left out. But at the same time Ganesha statue is disolved in water after about 10 days, this is beacause the non-brahmin people who were allowed to do the priest duty for 10 days should not become a competion to the brahmin priests.

Ganesha was way before ( even before Krishna ) Buddha. So, not sure from where you get this to info.

Krishna and his super power and other avatars of krishna is a belief and Buddha's existence is a recorded fact. Ganesha's references are found in the literature only after the existence of Buddha. That's why no reference to ganesha is found in vedas.

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