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This is why Richard Stallman calls SaaS "Service as a Software Substitute" and recommends running your own programs on your own computers: https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/who-does-that-server-really-s...

If you are using any Unix derivative there are still Free Software applications from the 1980s (or 1970s if you run BSD) that you are running every day without any problems, whether you realize it or not.

Consider doing your financial modeling with a Free Software program like Gnumeric: http://gnumeric.org/

The big tech companies seem to be doing a good job of proving Richard Stallman right about many things over the last few years. I've always been sympathetic to the ideals of the free software movement but for many years I thought they were being a bit paranoid and extremist. Increasingly I'm coming round to the idea that they were right all along.

But any replacement for Google Finance will require a pricing feed, so in this case you cannot get away from a 'service' model.

For now, but soon our markets will be run completely p2p, and order books will be shared with whoever wants to see them for really cheap. And no breakage. Like I said before: this is good, the more saas are disrupted, the more we can focus on a real distributed OS.

I was worried Google Wave would take over the CRM industry.

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