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Given how the i386 instruction encoding works that is not significant as in 16b mode mov ax, bx has same encoding as mov eax, ebx in 32b mode (in reality it is somewhat more complex, but this is the gist of it) and thus how it gets disassembled depend on the configuration of the disassembler. One thing that would certainly point on the code being for 32b mode would be stores into control registers (eg. mov cr0, eax instead of smsw ax, which have different encodings, and slightly different effect, with the second one being somewhat nonsencial in 32b mode).

On the other hand the 32b mode code in the disassembly snippet containing lgdt looks reasonable, if it would be 16b code disassembled as 32b it would lead to non-sense as it combines 16b and 32b instructions in meaningful way.

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