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You're right - there's always a lot of corner cases and "handling" that you have to do for financial data. But it's very possible.

You're basically saying you should be able to enter that you bought 100 shares AAPL in 2004 at $15... what is your total return?

(We only have watchlists today, but we're designing more of the features that are "portfolio"-like and this is great feedback.)

Right. I always worry when I'm presented a price plot over more than a few months that there is something masking the real picture, which is total return, or price + cash flow. For any "portfolio"-like feature you're going to want total return and not price action return.

Exactly! If I’m looking at a 5 year chart for any given stock, I don’t really care what the nominal price was, I care about the total return. Even more so when comparing 2 stocks.

Killer feature would be historical charts that include re-invested dividends.

You can do this at morningstar.com

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