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Apologies in advance if this sounds overly negative: this is not a replacement for Google Finance. This is a portfolio tracker. The first two things I checked for that made GF different and important (to me, at least) were company financials and an advanced stock search.

Company financials are self explanatory (quarterly breakdowns of cash, income, etc), the stock search allowed you to pare down stocks based on market cap, div &, P/E, etc, and was a wonderful tool for discovery.

Your site is nice, but it offers almost nothing over what every brokerage I've used offers: watchlists, news. Crypto is a nice addition, but Robinhood has that, and Robinhood has my actual transaction history.

Super helpful thanks. We're definitely early, and we don't have the resources yet that Google had to throw at GF!

Fundamental data is coming soon, for sure. We'll show you 10 years of historical data (annual and quarterly) for income statement, cash flows, and balance sheet.

Screening will come too, although it's not requested as often so we haven't prioritized it. The API, mobile apps, and improved charting are next for us.

Looks super-cool - nice vid demo. My only suggestion would be to prioritize the screening over certainly the mobile an probably the API.

My reasoning is that I do almost all real searching and analysis on the desktop, whereas mobile is just nice and handy for tracking an updates on the go. Also, screening is more immediately usable by a broader user set than the API functions (tho your spreadsheet integration is way cool!).

Just one small vote while cheering you on!

Super helpful feedback, thank you.

> the stock search allowed you to pare down stocks based on market cap, div &, P/E, etc, and was a wonderful tool for discovery.

You may enjoy the Finviz screener:


(Make sure you check the tabs of the search menu, you can filter by a crazy number of attributes, including stuff like sales growth, technical breakouts, etc)

I would second this. Finviz felt educational when trying to find growth stocks for me. The terminology used and capabilities provided are pretty deep.

I dunno, there are tons of sites that have financial data. But yes, GF's stock picker was maybe the best search interface, because you basically were given a range-slider to each parameter. But that feature, although it sometimes yielded some pearls for me, in general felt very "beta" to me.

Check out Koyfin.com

It's like bloomberg-light.

It doesn't have great stock filtering, but is pretty good for financial data.

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