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Thanks a ton for the thoughtful feedback, hugely appreciated.

We have much better charting coming soon. You'll be able to compare different securities, log scale, bar charts. URL params for things like the range are a good idea.

(And sorry, what do you mean by leave the app? Clicking on a company somewhere should take you to bravos.co/AAPL, no?

> (And sorry, what do you mean by leave the app?

When I click between "Watchlists" and "Market News" on the left sidebar, the sidebar stays in place as I would expect from a single page app experience. However, when I click on a stock, it appears that the page reloads, as the left sidebar flickers a little bit.

It's still a fast experience switching between stocks, but I'm guessing it could be even faster if local state is updated with a new selected stock's information with the app shell already in place. Maybe that's exactly what's happening, but the left sidebar flickering just a little bit makes it "feel" like the site is refreshing.

Ah good call, thank you. We've optimized some things on the app, but have a lot more to do.

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