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>They have a higher than average desire to be challenged

A lot of them also take a lot of MDMA and drink a lot of alcoholic beverages. There's something for everyone at BM.

Hangovers are hell in that environment. If you got to burning man for the free drinks you're an idiot and won't come back. MDMA is fun to make a night of but not the drug of choice out there.

What's the drug of choice out there?

Sleep deprivation, bicycling, lots of water and downtempo electronica.

I generally recommend the playa shandy: lukewarm Tecate with a scoop of gatorade powder mixed into it. Hydrating, requires no refrigeration, and it's got what plants crave: it's got electrolytes.

Alcohol is #1.

All of the above, and some you've never heard of before.

You seem to be implying a dichotomy; it's definitely a work hard/play hard kind of town.

Perhaps there's some kind of correlation there? The science/math/tech world is rife with users of amphetamines (including the ones that are prescribed for use by medical professionals, e.g. Adderall, Vyvanse, etc.). Mathemetician Paul Erdos famously championed them.

Maybe you can explain why you felt the need to point this out with such disdain?

> Mathemetician Paul Erdos famously championed them.

He took them but he didn’t champion them. He especially didn't want people to think they needed amphetamines to do mathematics.

Ok perhaps "championed" was a strong word but he was open about the fact that he considered them important for his own mathematical abilities.

And I am by no means trying to encourage people to take them if they don't want to, just to accept that others can do it responsibly and it's ok. I'm just bewildered by the hardline "drugs are bad, m'kay" stance that many people take. Whatever research we have been able to do on amphetamines has generally shown them to be safe and even beneficial for human use (when used appropriately).

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