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Show HN: A simple webapp that recommends HN stories to HN users (hnfy.herokuapp.com)
1 point by wewake 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

This doesn't work that great in my opinion...

Have you seen: https://hnprofile.com/

It's a bit different, but if you can identify what a user is interested in - you could do a good recommendation

That's okay :)

It started as an experiment and the initial results convinced me to make an app out of it rather than letting it be an experiment. I believe it's not possible to make a good recommendation system in general, with the limited data available about the community users. Using the HN API, I could only find user's submissions and comments (upvotes are private, thus limiting the amount of useful data). I ended up using only the submissions to determine user's topics of interest.

> I believe it's not possible to make a good recommendation system in general

It's definitely possible, however it would be limited to a subset of users (probably need 10 or 20 comments). When you limit it to submissions the number of words in a title is limited, and often not associated with the actual content itself.

I've currently set 20 to be the minimum number of submissions required. Lowering that limit would only result in random recommendations. Wouldn't it be hard for even a human to properly tell what someone might be interested in by looking at just 4-5 submissions they've made?

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