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Ask HN: Best Wordpress theme for your ebook?
14 points by tmaly 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
If you have written and are currently selling an ebook on a wordpress based site, what theme has worked best for you?

Are you selling from the site? If not, I'd argue that you want something very much like a landing page; and what sort will depend on your audience.

Regardless of audience, you want one exit route - so every link goes to Amazon (or wherever you're selling it). If it's technical, I'd probably go slightly longer form (although still one page) - explaining the chapters, explaining the content, etc. etc. If it's fiction, probably a very quick overview as I'd guess the conversion is slightly easier and you're just looking to get them to Amazon to buy the thing. A friend of mine has this for his recent fiction book(s): http://jamiehumm.com/ - page reflects the cover, short synopsis, everything links out to the book.

If you're not set on Wordpress, look for some of the landing page generators - you can probably achieve the same thing with less work.

I would use the free storefront theme along with one of the child themes from https://woocommerce.com/product-category/themes/storefront-c... . Using the base Storefront theme also is good.

This is my recommendation also. There's even a Storefront child theme specifically for books: https://woocommerce.com/products/bookshop/

I'd start by figuring out what makes a good "book showcase" that converts well. Does it need a preview of the first pages ? What kind of layout is popular ? What information should you give your potential customer ?

Make a list of the key features you need, you can use Amazon and any service that does what you need and does it well as a source of inspiration.

Once you have this it's merely a question of finding the appropriate theme that fits your needs. I used Themeforest when I still developed on Wordpress.

For selling the book, or for the book itself?

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