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Show HN: Athsee – Share your sporting journey (athsee.com)
5 points by matdehaast 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

We are a team (of athletes) aiming to create a better connection between athletes and their friends, family and fans. Why? We are frustrated that it's difficult to follow an athletes journey through current social media because it doesn't have context that an athlete competes in events, has results, trains etc. We are aiming to improve this with the Athsee App by allowing athletes to share their sporting journey with people who wish to follow them - friends, family or fans!

Athsee is in it's early days but we have a few features already available for you to try:

- Create posts about your upcoming events to let your followers know when you are competing next

- GPS Live tracking including live photo/video sharing to share your event live and in real time with your followers

- Engagement through following, liking and commenting

The aim is to be a space for all athletes of all sports - currently though the app is optimised for runners and cyclists

Our future plans are to have a space where you can post not only your upcoming events but your results too. The live function will grow to include live posting of an event so that athletes can post commentary along the way.

We are looking for athletes to start using the app and to help us make Athsee everything an athlete wants. We are encouraging feedback - questions, suggestions and anything else to help us make something that you want to use.

Slick app you've made there Matt! Will give it a go this weekend!

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