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[flagged] Lock-in-as-a-service? (LiaaS) seriously (blockwave.com)
5 points by johnissington 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

True, I am on the tail end of an all-nighter, but I have no idea what that webpage described. It was like a buzzword smoothie. Pleasant enough but empty calories.

> The only limitation is your imagination.

As far as I can tell this is a modern successor to Zombocom.

Any chance for a less biased title? I'm fine with you being skeptical, but maybe there are better ways for expressing that than a HN post title.

Let me try: "Modular something, with an SDK, app store and prize based compensation to developers".

Yeah, it's really hard to say anything non-biased about that thing.

I don't really get what it is that Blockwave does...

These guys are either completely delusional or might be the next Docker... any ideas?

Speaking for the team, I’d say we’re far from delusional. But as engineers you’d we’d never say “trust us”, we make some pretty lofty claims. Wish we could show you but for now we can only share with VIPs, did you sign up? I don’t see your name?


No, I’m not a marketing bot... just a CEO who’s super proud of our team and amazed that our soft launch made it to HN at 1am PT...

i'm probably out of the loop, but i read your homepage like 5 times and still don't know what service/products you are selling?

They'll decide what they'll do on VIP Beta period maybe?

We're not selling anything to engineers, we've built an engine which can be run as a (micro)service or app, or embedded as an SDK so we can all live the "DRY" principle. Truth is we were hoping to go live with sample code on the home page to make it more explicit, show what's really possible, but we wanted input from non-internal engineers (aka. VIP Early Access) before we release into the wild. I know its easy to say, but if you're interested in helping we'd love to hear from you and we won't ask for a dime, we believe in free(dom) for software AND for engineers.

this discussion is marketing. johnissington and bhowell same person

If you really believe that, you should email the mods and lay out why you think so. That's a bannable offense.

Sockpuppeting would be a better term. And I 100% agree with you. Everyone thinks they're smart enough to avoid detection.

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