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It would be better to use a real concurrency-safe language like pony or distributed pascal for the fast ones, or e.g. clojure or perl6, ..., and not rust which requires a mutex on all stateful objects. But hype-driven worse is better always succeeds.

Rust does not require a mutex on all stateful objects.

either a mutex or a rwlock. both are a sign of bad concurrency design and dead locks. why dont you fix your docs finally regarding your wrong claim of "fearless" concurrency. they are still many people believing your hype.

Not even that! It requires that you prevent data races. Scopes threads, for example, can have no synchronization primitives at all! When you do need one, there are far more options than Mutex or RwLock, you have atomics, for example. Someone made a monitor the other day, I think. Really, anything works.

That's what I meant, totally concurrency unsafe. A proper and "fearless" concurrency safe language is thread-safe without manual mutex/locks/atomics/semaphores.

Rust also supports atomics, plus plain access of immutable data.

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