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Introducing the NYPL Grow Up Work Fashion Library (nypl.org)
34 points by danso 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

This is great. I think that often libraries are overlooked in the age of Amazon Prime, but they provide invaluable services for people who aren't in the top 10% of income / whoever is the opposite of someone frequenting HN.

Quick anecdote - when I moved to NYC last year, I wasn't very happy about the tax rate, but city taxes become a lot more palatable simply by getting a library card. I constantly download books to my phone and place items on reserve that are delivered to a library one block away from where I work. Couldn't be more convenient. Given the size of the NYPL system, I have yet to find something that I want that isn't in the catalog.

Combined with using NYPL to book free museum tickets through Culture Pass, the library card really is a fantastic thing.

People think libraries are about books, but libraries are about librarians, and many librarians are heroes.

Perfect opportunity to create the next Frank Abagnale of our Time to dazzle our minds and fool us into thinking he is fit for a burgeoning career. Because after all, nobody looks past a necktie.

Well done NYPL!

I love and support libraries, but what people really need are skills of the type where interviewers are not concerned about whether or not the applicant is wearing a necktie. Or maybe I’m just out of touch with East Coast culture but a necktie requirement seems unfortunate.

Bow ties? Are they back?

Oh yeah!

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