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Ask HN: I want to move to USA, what I need to do?
11 points by matysanchez 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
I am from Argentina and I want to move to the US and start a business, I have capital to invest and I am a developer myself. Any of you have experience in this? Is this possible in the Trump's era? Also I have Polish citizenship too.


You might want to look at the comments and threads by Peter Roberts, who's done AMA threads on Hacker News before:


It's obviously a huge amount of information due to the great variety of kinds of visas and the complicated details about eligibility and practical considerations, but maybe some of the information in those threads will be helpful to you. Also, maybe Peter Roberts will be willing to do another thread at some point -- it's clear that a lot of Hacker News readers were very interested.

It might be somewhat expensive, but you may want to hire an immigration lawyer in the U.S. for a consultation, especially someone with a practice specialized in technology and startups. Some of the immigration lawyers have incredibly detailed and helpful knowledge about what works and doesn't work and can help you understand your options in your specific situation. I'm sure the lawyers would point out that there are many different kinds of immigration paths, and that small details about your situation and plans can affect your eligibility and likelihood of approval for each of them.

Best of luck to you!

Thanks so much! I will read more about Peter and will ask for a consultant :)

Investor visas are not terrible. EB5 is great provided you have 500k to put in a single investment.

Well that is much more than I have, I am planning to go with 100k, is there any other program or something? I pretend to relocate. Thanks!

The 500K minimum is to get a green card. All you really need is a E-1 visa, which Argentina seems to qualify for. That visa has no minimum investement, so with $100K, you should easily be able to open a US company, and start a legitimate business. And get your visa.

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