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Ask HN: Google Inbox is shutting down, what should I use now?
14 points by cryptohammer 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
I started using Gmail again after hearing the news about Google Inbox shutting down and can't stand it... Anyone have any suggestions of other email clients I should try?

I am using Centask (also the developer) https://www.centask.com/ which attempts to fully merge Gmail Inbox with a flexible hierarchical todo list

I've been using Spark for quite a while now and enjoy it https://sparkmailapp.com/

Spark is by far my favorite email app. Unfortunately, I’m a bit weary of using it because they get access to all my emails. I know they use it for push notifications, but I still have to blindly trust that they won’t over reach.

Same here. Spark is an excellent mail client for Mac. But I do not like Spark mobile app's UI. It is not as clean as the Mac App.

on mobile i am a very pleased user of Aqua Mail pro ( by MobiSystems ).


I believe most of inbox for merged into gmail.. almost looks the same

The new gmail looks hideous IMO

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