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Show HN: Snipper – Lets you collaborate on the same code in real time (snipper.io)
64 points by red93 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 51 comments

> iubenda hosts this content and only collects the Personal Data strictly necessary for it to be provided

> Analytics > Google Analytics > Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

Google analytics is not strictly required for your website to work. GDPR requires that everything not absolutely required for operating the website, must be opt-in.

I disagree that it's this cut and dry. Unless you are stuffing PII into the GA cookie, there's nothing personal there and therefore it doesn't require consent -- at the least, you're not going to get in trouble for skipping it. Furthermore, even if an anonymous user did give consent, then requested a deletion, the company would be hard pressed to verify that person's identity in order to scrub the anonymous data.

Ok thanks for reporting, i'll make sure to change it so that user have to opt-in

No! Don't agree! These people are trying to run your life.

Do you say that in every Show HN or just this one?

No, GDPR doesn't require that.

Every company that has built this over the last 20 years has eventually shut down, and it's not like they didn't execute on the vision well; their products were incredibly good and mature. Do you see that the market has changed, or is there something you're doing that's different? I guess it's not immediately obvious to me why this and now.

That is a good point. This was mainly a personal challenge to build a side project that could be useful in the shortest time possible (end up building this in 2 day), so my focus is not to build the next big thing but just building somethig and having fun in the process ;)

Fair enough, I figured that might be the case. I didn't mean to criticize, I was just curious if there was actually some macro thing going on that I wasn't seeing.

Would you be open to some collaboration? I created a serverless platform for Ruby. It would be cool if there was a button on snipper.io to run the Ruby code as a faastruby.io function!

Yes why not! I am not a Ruby developer but you can write me an e-mail with all the info about your project at the address you find on the website!

This comes with VSCode (free) and VS (full version) for those who didn't know but are interested in working on code together in GDocs/o365 fashion. Including debugging even.


Made something similar to this a while ago (albeit, a lot simpler, replaces transfer.sh for me, and is self-hosted: https://github.com/antoniomika/Sharer). Mine is based on Firepad (https://firepad.io/) but both use Firebase as the underlying data source/RTDB.

Cool! i didn't know about firepad, yes i used Firebase too, it was the simplier solution to build something fast

For a low-tech solution, GNU Screen can also be used to share a terminal. e.g., http://wiki.networksecuritytoolkit.org/index.php/HowTo_Share...

As well as tmux! But neither offer multiple cursor support.

I made a Vim plugin somewhat like this a while back


It’d be interesting to standardize the diff protocol for live collaboration tools. Everyone uses a slightly different mechanism.

Are you using something other than CRDTs or Operational Transforms?

Cool project! Yes it would be very intresting to standardize it

Unfortunately it looks very broken on Opera for Mac https://imgur.com/a/9QeUz8x I think that for some reason the bootstrap css is not loading.

Thanks for reporting! I'll fix asap

Ran into a few errors the first time I loaded it (looks good after a refresh though): https://i.imgur.com/xflIFYN.png

Thanks for reporting! I'll make sure to check them out

Floobits does real-time caret-sharing between common editors like Emacs/Vim/Intellij/Atom and maybe more.

(I'm just a happy casual user)

Cool, didn't know about Floobits, i'm sure it is very more complete and polished than my simple side project ;)

For a more robust team snippet organizer: https://www.cacher.io

Cool project!

Well done, it's quite fast and usable. I'm not sure I ever felt this need, though; what led you to build it?

Tools like this are awesome for remote 1-on-1 tutoring.

TIL Opera for Mac still exists.

Thanks! I wanted to build something that could make a bit more easier to collaborate on the same code, i remember when i was in uni i used to share the code with my friends to complete assignments, it was very hard to work together. In the last year i started working remotely with other freelancers and while debugging some code or doing some code review i started to think about a service that let you collaborate on the same code in real time. So i spent two days of the last week working on this project hoping that someone could find it useful :)

Why use a web interface when you can use Visual Studio Code with Live Share?https://code.visualstudio.com/blogs/2017/11/15/live-share

Simply beacuse not everybody uses VS Code ;) Of course if the whole team uses VS Code the Live share function is way more powerful of my simple tool and i recommend using that :)

Actually one service I do use a bit is https://godbolt.org/ a C++ compiler explorer. It would be nice if their editor could work collaboratively.

You can share snippets there but can't edit them with another person.

Yes compling and building code in real time would be a very nice feature to add!

You should be able to make it compatible with VSCode, I believe the protocol powering Live Share is public and VSCode's goal is to make it cross-IDE compatible.

Small correction - live share is also available for & compatible with Visual Studio.

Came here to say this. Snipper does seem a little faster to set up at least, and might be useful for one-off scenarios.

This seems to be an improved pastebin for IRC channels.

No language specific formatting, no boiler code, no auto compilation detection. I will just use google docs.

It sounded exciting, but it would be much better as a plugin to IDE.

On the other hand, this can be used right now by everyone, not just those who use a particular IDE.

I will consider developing a plugin for some IDEs

Is there supposed to be syntax highlighting?

I'm only blocking the trackers.

It really depends on the language you are using, i'm using this library for the editor https://github.com/atularen/ngx-monaco-editor


Minor typo at the bottom:


Thank you! Thanks for repoting the typo ;)

s/repoting/reporting :D

Is there any way you could make an eclipse plugin for this? This is what developers in a company usually use, and that is where the code is written. This tool is useful for a coding interview maybe...

Thanks for the suggestion! I really don't know how to build an eclipse plug-in but i'll consider it!

Data collection without consent, from an Italian website, with GDPR in place ?

And you say you collect "Personal Data: Cookies, Usage Data and various types of Data". What does "Various types of data" mean ?


Thanks for reporting it has been reportd before, im tring to fix this issue as fast as i can, i build this website in 2 days as sort of a challenge so i might have missed something.

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