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Man Drives ‘Transformer’ on Streets of Beijing, Gets Pulled Over by Cops (yellrobot.com)
42 points by MariaOne 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

The original concept for the Transformers, called Diaclone, was that they be human-operated military machines disguised as innocuous road vehicles, that could transform into humanoid battle mechs. Hasbro and Marvel came up with the "alien robots from Cybertron" backstory after licensing the toys from Takara. Takara actually liked the Hasbro concept better and continued to market the same toys in Japan now with Transformers branding, as well as commissioning Japanese Transformers animation and comics.

No real reason for these fun facts, except whenever I read one of these about a guy driving a Transformer-like robot down the street I think, that's how it originally was supposed to be, human-operated transforming mechs.

I hope there's a build thread somewhere on this. Being able to see construction details would be awesome. There's got to be some interesting solutions to suspension, steering, power transmission etc.

Why are they calling it transformer? Looks like a low-tech mecha.

>Unfortunately, the local police or possibly Decepticons pulled over the large robot and told him to get off the roads.

I think they wanted to use this line.

I was thinking much the same thing, that this is something like you can find in the Armored Core video game series.

Because of Michael Bay and those movies that he made.

reminder that the one true transformers movie, the one from 1986, is coming back to theaters 9/27.


That might be the most awesome news story of the day.

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