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Ericsson was/is Intel's large foundry client, but with the 10nm delays and 14nm being thoroughly booked with x86-64 and LTE modems for Apple, there isn't room for Ericsson to produce new chips on modern nodes. Worse yet, I hear Ericsson designed specifically for Intel 10nm, which leaves them up a creek for the next few years.

A firmware update to make existing hardware have a longer lifespan and help Ericsson to retain their clients was likely the only out here. If Ericsson had the new chips they were planning on, this firmware update would be much more expensive and less probable to actually see carriers taking them up on it.

>Ericsson was/is Intel's large foundry client

That is actually Nokia. Not Ericsson

Nope, its Ericsson, and Intel fucked them over pretty badly. All of Ericsson's newer chips were designed for 10nm, which doesn't work & Intel is full up on 14nm. Firmware updates to existing hardware and rebrands of existing chips are all Ericsson has to retain customers until they can either get another fab to build their chip (2 to 3 years from now), or Intel sorts out the yield issues on 10nm.


I mean like... For Christ Sake.

You take SemiAccruate as reliable sources, and even if the rumour were right. Ericsson was / is never disclosed as an Intel Custom Foundry Partner.

The only self disclosed Telcom Equipment manufacturer using Intel 10nm is Nokia, and BTW where is the NOKIA bankrupt and "no way out"

Seriously, this is HN, not Reddit.

SemiAccurate tends to be fairly on point, they do have a heavy slant against anyone that isn't on the GNU/Linux software support train.

FYI, Ericsson admitted to this silicon problem negatively impacting them recently: https://semiaccurate.com/2018/08/30/update-to-intel-custom-f...

Do either of you have an actual source?

Nowhere there does it actually confirm that it's Nokia or Ericsson (or anyone else for that matter).

Its definitely Ericsson, they admitted to it in their recent filings: https://semiaccurate.com/2018/08/30/update-to-intel-custom-f...

Is there a link for the filing? I hadn't seen that update but it's still just rumours!

There are a few links in the subscribers only part of the article that compare the last two filings. IIRC these articles age out after a certain period, check back in 46 days?

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