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Gift HN: Anybody want a subdomain of ww.com?
104 points by jacquesm 2617 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 352 comments
Hey There, I've been asked for subdomains of ww.com and if I would give them out.

So, one time HN offer, if you want a subdomain of ww.com, you can have one for exactly $0.

The conditions:

  - first come first served

  - subdomains 3 letters or longer (and yes, 'www' is taken ;) )

  - the subdomain is not currently in use by a ww.com user 
   (you can see that by going to subdomain.ww.com, 
   if it redirects to the homepage then you're good)

  - you have a HN account with 20 karma or more

  - you post your domain name in this thread with the IP to go with it

  - no warez / copyright violations or other nonsense

  - do not harm my business

  - no spam, illegal content or otherwise bad behaviour,
    first 'mistake' or headache for me and you lose 
    the subdomain

  - never pretend that you represent ww.com

  - send me an email to confirm this so I can contact you

  - no guarantees, if ww.com gets sold or I have
    a bad hairday you may lose it so don't use 
    it for anything critical
That's not to scare you, I just don't want to make promises that I can't keep in the longer term.

Offer valid for the next 24 hours.

if you liked this check http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1796266 Yan's book gift/exchange posting!

update: I'll make the DNS entries when this thread is 1 day old.

I'm sorry if this is a total dumbass question:

Why would anyone want this? They would have to trust jacquesm (as well intentioned as he may be) to continue to have awesome intentions forever... and if he/she ever sold the domain, everyone who has setup a subdomain would probably loose all the links they might have built to it.

The only reason I could potentially see this being useful is as a url shortcut... but still, you risk the same situation as when/if a url shortner like bit.ly goes out of business.

When you're building your brand equity, you got to make sure you own the equity that you're building. If you have a domain name, use it. If you don't like it, get a better one.

Maybe I'm just missing something.

No question is dumbass.

Most of the concerns you've got were addressed in the text above I believe.

As for me having 'good intentions' or not, time will be the judge of that, but let's just say that I spent a lot of time trying to be useful to HN and it would be a really dumb move to piss of a large portion of what has slowly become my network.

That said I can't offer guarantees hence the caveat.

Second, I think that most people here are more than smart enough to factor that in to their thinking and in to their use of the domain. But for those that do not, please take melvinram's warning to heart. So you've got my upvote.

Are you offering this because you will indirectly benefit from the PageRank from subdomains and presumably most HN'ers will have active sites that will experience good PageRank?

A fair question, though I like Su's outlook:

Use Occam’s Razor in interpersonal relations: look for the simplest, most straightforward explanation that assumes the best of everybody. Stay away from people who always have a conspiracy theory involving twisted office politics, unfulfilled Machiavellian ambitions, and unspoken agendas.

You're the second one to ask, see below for the anwer:


I don't want any subdomain. Just wanted to say 'thank you' for being so generous.

Please read:

if you get your name confirmed in this thread please drop me a one liner email with reference to your subdomain so I know who got what and can get in touch with you if I need to.


Thanks for doing this!

track.ww.com -> www.track.com

Mostly to mess with my non-techy friends...would be particularly funny if you added google.ww.com -> Google and facebook.ww.com -> Facebook to support the lie. "Oh, it doesn't work for your site? Well, it only works for really important websites..."

Hehe, google.ww.com and facebook.ww.com should probably be exempted as I can see nothing but trouble coming from that.

Hilarious idea though.

You've got track.ww.com.

Thanks, though I just realized it looks like it may already be taken by one of your users - my fault for not checking. Thanks anyway. :)

abandoned ages ago, so it's yours, I checked before.

How can there be a problem in having google.ww.com redirect to Google and facebook.ww.com redirect to Facebook?

I think the problem he's referring to is giving out the Google and Facebook subdomains, so the redirect is probably fine.

More of a reader on HN than anything, and if the 20 karma limit is strict then I am asking for upvotes :)

but could you http://techbio.ww.com -> http://techbio.org?

(The .com is domainered.)

You can have it, np, it's free.

Thanks! Also to whoever upvoted me. Now for what to do with it.

I definitely appreciate the gesture, and it seems to be in high demand, but I just can't figure out why I would want one? What's so special about .ww.com?

ps. please don't take this in any way negatively. I'm just puzzled.

It's reasonably short.

It also gives you a chance at the name you really wanted to have but couldn't get with a not-too offensive suffix for $0.

If you type sub.ww ctrl-enter you're on the site.

Another reason someone just mailed me: They like their domain but it is hard to spell, a short alias to use over the phone can be handy.

If I had more time I'd totally put together a cute cat website and ask for aww.ww.com

Want a reservation ?

haha, if you're willing! Email is away!

ok thanks !

Jacques, thanks so much for your generosity. Would it be possible to have matt.ww.com -> http://users.crhc.illinois.edu/johnso87/ ? Similar circumstances to BoppreH, if I'm reading correctly. matt.ww.com exists, but doesn't look particularly current.

If not, I don't currently have a public IP that I own. Anyone know the cheapest way to get one, other than a static IP from your ISP (I can't get one because mine doesn't give them out)? I'm imagining a small Linode instance or something of that nature, but I'm pretty green. Suggestions welcome. I could also snag a domain name and figure this all out later.

matt is fine, again I don't have a solution yet for the IP less redirects but I'll think of a way to do it, probably a small lookup table on one of my servers.

I was hoping to keep it simple though :)

I don't have a dedicated domain for redirection. Is it possible to make: lucasboppre.ww.com -> http://www.inf.ufsc.br/~lucasboppre/

Or do I have to own the IP? It's my personal page on the uni server, by the way.

Using this url for hosted code, papers and possibly a resume would be perfect.

On a side note, redirecting anythingunregistered.ww.com to www.anythingunregistered.com would make an interesting (and geeky) party trick.

Hm, that's a bit harder. Let me think about how I could do that for you.

Thank you. I would be perfectly happy with a Javascript redirection in the index file, a 301 via htaccess or PHP, or whatever is easiest for you.

If it's available, I'll take:

startups.ww.com --> www.startupsworthwatching.com

Smart combo! Ok, it's available.

How about setting news.ww.com to forward to news.ycombinator.com? Or even... Y.ww.com? (if possible, and okay by pg. Just an idea.)

I can do that. But only if PG agrees, no problem from my end.

y.ww ctrl-enter

that'd be funny :)

http://ww.com/y gives what looks like a directory listing here. Possibly a security flaw?

tempfile, thanks for the heads up. removed it.

I also don't have 20 karma, but brian.ww.com CNAME briancloutier.com would be amazing if you could. Thanks for your generosity!

Hey Brian,

Ok, you've got it.

I don't have 20 karma yet, but could I get phillco.ww.com -> phillipcohen.net? Thanks so much!

It's free, so sure.

Thank you!

I've got 17 karma but if it's not taken can I have games.ww.com -> playitontheweb.com?

Yes, that's ok, it's been idle for a while.

Ok, the list below is now live, for those that did not supply an IP address or a hostname to redirect to you'll find that you are redirected to localhost.

The people that asked for a path redirect will have to be patient for a bit longer. If there is anything let me know.

Also, plenty of you have not mailed in your confirmation yet, please do so (j@ww.com).

Take as long as you want to.

And again, even if you can't redirect to paths, thank you for giving this domains away. You made a lot of people happy.

Dank vriend, goede karma aan u! I'd like 'tst.ww.com' but I can't tell if it's free (seems parked/squatted, but maybe not). My domain is www.tstw.co.uk - don't know my dns off hand but can find it if needed & will email you this post.

It was in use until 2004, so that's yours now.


So close to 20, but if you're generous and round up, and it's available:

mmu.ww.com --> mememeup.com

That one was in use but abandoned (most short ones appear to be), so you're welcome to it.

Thanks. And thanks for your generosity. I will remember this and hope to be in a position to give back to the community in a similar fashion some day.

Question: are you implementing this in such a way that you can measure redirects? Because that would seem to be a great way to gauge and sample the relative popularity of a wide variety of very interesting sites--excellent business intelligence.

It started off as just two domains, I'm actually a bit overwhelmed by the response, but that's nice as well.

For now what will happen is that I will set up DNS entries for all the A records and CNAMES, I don't feel like spying on anybodies traffic.

The two people that have asked for redirects to paths I'll have to handle in a different way, so I will have to make an exception for those two. The temptation to handle everybody with a db table in ww.com is definitely there but I think that it is better to handle things at the DNS level.

More reliable, better privacy.

I'd like to request grid.ww.com (if it is no longer in use).

I am about a month away from my project's initial release, but if it's available, I can go ahead and set up the target site and domain. Regardless of the outcome, thank you.

That's ok, that's been abandoned for a while.

Any chance I could get box.ww.com -> inthatbox.com? Looks like maybe it was in use at one time, but I couldn't tell if it still is.

This is great and extremely generous, thank you so much (whether or not it's available)!

Yes, that's fine. And you're welcome :)

The stated offer is for a subdomain of ww.com. but all the transactions here appear to be just for A or CNAME records in the ww.com. zone.

Are you offering a subdomain with delegated DNS? If so, I would be interested.


That's an interesting one, I've never actually set that up and it goes beyond the scope of where I can still easily see what's going on, so I think I should not do that.

Any specific reasons why you would want this ?

I read

> ... if you want a subdomain of ww.com...

and naturally understood "subdomain" to mean "subdomain".

Perhaps what you meant to write was

"... if you want a hostname in ww.com..."

ww.com is a nice 2nd level domain. A 3rd level domain zyx.ww.com would be pretty nice too, in which one could create several hostnames, such as blog.zyx.ww.com, hg.zyx.ww.com, etc.

Yes, if you delegated the DNS for the subdomain, it would not be as easy for you to see what hostnames are in that subdomain.

My problem is not you specifically, my problem is some joker that would abuse this to set up a gazillion spam hosts under ww.com as a tld and do un-repairable harm before I would clue in to it.

It's already a bit of a risk as it is (hence the 20 karma cap, I'm not too strict in looking at that if an account wasn't made 20 minutes ago), but I don't want to get burned.

I agree that the formal interpretation of 'subdomain' is one with delegation, but when someone says they put their usernames on 'subdomains' it is commonly understood to be a 3rd level host name, and not one with full delegation.

You could have surmised that from the bit that asks for 'the ip to go with it' and not for 'the ips of the name servers to go with it'.


Unfortunately I don't have 20 points on this account..but I suppose it's worth a shot! Could I possibly get encrypt.ww.com -> encryptica.com? It's my startup's website and we're officially launching soon :)


Dank je wel :D

EDIT: Added IP

Ok, it's yours.

alsjeblieft ;)


Back in the day this would have been really cool for vanity hostnames when logging on to IRC.

I imagine a few people that owned short hostnames for that purpose made a killing flipping them years later.

> Back in the day this would have been really cool for vanity hostnames when logging on to IRC.

That's how this all started :)

> I imagine a few people that owned short hostnames for that purpose made a killing flipping them years later.

Yes, best investment they ever made ROI wise, most likely.

I'm curious, is there a backstory on how you came to own ww.com?

Yes, the short version is someone auctioned it off on ebay (I never went to ebay in my life before then) and was apparently negotiating with weight watchers.

I had a lot of money set aside from the sale of 'gameplay.com', so over Christmas I negotiated with the guy (while all of Weight Watchers was on a holiday they well deserved) and by the 27th we had a deal. We set up an escrow, I paid, he transferred the domain.

Weight Watchers came back from their holiday and was sorely pissed off :)

Wow, great story, I have a similar one, a guy registers Orlando.com because orlandosurfnet is not available and he wants to do an ISP. Anyway, ISP does not go so well so he slaps up a booking engine from HRN now hotels.com and starts making a little bit of revenue. So HRN, Disney and a few other players are all after the domain and bombard the guy with lawyers. I am pretty sure he had Aspergers or some other form of high functioning autism. So I think it freaked him out and he just was not budging. So we go down to his office, talk to the guy take him to lunch find out what he really wants to do and just don't bombard the guy. We finalized the paperwork that day and grabbed it out from under the other players. Anyway, your story just reminded me that a little honest conversation and a little less business can go a long way some times. In the end everyone got what they wanted. Well not everyone but all the parties I was interested in did.

Care to give a ballpark on how much you paid for it? Just curious.

mail me.

Thanks a ton! You're lucky to get that.

Can you do forwarding? I don't want to have to worry about keeping the IP (or bothering you again)

If so, can you do zach.ww.com -> ww.zbanks.net ?

I can, sure. I'll do that (CNAME).

Can I have nyc.ww.com cnamed to nyc.wizard-domains.com (which I'll add for this purpose!) I see that it's taken but inactive. Otherwise nycme.ww.com. =)

Sorry, but silas already took nyc (see below).

So nycme is yours.

Hello, could I please have kitten.ww.com to www.kittenlabs.com? Or arien.ww.com if the previous one is taken?

Thank you for the service by the way, much appreciated :)

Abandoned since '03, so that's ok.

Thanks a lot! :)

Is dlp.ww.com taken? If not, I'd like that dlp.ww.com --> http://aperiodic.org.

Thank you so much for this offer!

Last seen in '06, so that's ok.

How about scotty.ww.com -> www.scottyallen.com? Looks like scotty.ww.com is probably abandoned. Thanks - it's cool that you're doing this.

It is, that was last active in '03, so you're welcome to have it.

Awesome, thanks!

Hey. Thanks for the opportunity. I'm stuck without a domain for my artist profile.

some1else.ww.com -> s1e-ww.appspot.com (currently just a music player)


Yes, that's free so it's yours.

That is so cool :)

I would really love to have

bre.ww.com -> micheljansen.org (

It is taken but does not look very active.

If not, you would make me very happy with vie.ww.com too :)

bre was active less than a year ago but vie hasn't been used since 2004 so if it's ok with you go for vie ?

"een gegeven paard"... (sorry couldn't resist after noticing a fellow Dutchie) :D

vie.ww.com is awesome too :)

hehe, it exists in English too :)

Ok, vie it is!

Very generous offer. Any chance of ? will.ww.com --> ww.hamstersoup.com

I know you excluded one letter domains but w.ww.com would be even cooler ;-)


Will is good. w.ww.com would be cooler but has been excluded for obvious reasons ;)

No need to bring on my own typo squatters :)

So Will.ww.com is yours.

Very cool of you to do this Jacques.

hnl.ww.com seems taken, but is it active? Would like to make a shorter URL for my Hacker Newsletter site.

That one was abandoned a while ago, you can have it.

CNAME info or IP please ?

Great, thanks!

hnl.ww.com. CNAME hackernewsletter.com.

This is a wonderful, wonderful gesture.

I'm a massive lurker here, but if it's cool: greg.ww.com else gregk.ww.com -> g.electro-h.ca

Thanks for chance.

That's yours.

It breaks rule #2 and it's not my site, but I think this would be popular with HN users:

4h.ww.com -> www.fourhourworkweek.com

Is that your site?

if so please mail me.

Nope. It belongs to Tim Ferriss, author of 4 Hour Workweek. He's pretty famous among hackers and freelancers.

It was the only site that came to mind that naturally used 'ww' at the end. :)

Hi great idea!

Please meme.ww.com Please forward to http://thememingoflife.com/


Ok, that one is fine by me.

Thank you.

http://salad.ww.com CNAME to whalesalad.com please! :D

That one is good with me.

Jacquesm, I'm intrigued are you thinking this will give you domain authority (in SEO terms)? I can well imagine it would with a links in coming from these users.

I'm not at all saying this is a bad thing, you're giving away a free service, just wondered if it was part of your considerations.

> Jacquesm, I'm intrigued are you thinking this will give you domain authority (in SEO terms)?

tbh the thought never even crossed my mind, what happened is that on the #startups channel on freenode.irc.net someone asked me if I would give them a vanity domain on ww.com so I said sure.

Then two other people asked for it, and I suggested that maybe we should offer this to HN rather than just those in the IRC channel.

The thing that has been mostly on my mind is actually the opposite.

Plenty of people are asking for domains that were in use at some point, and ww.com actually relies on a lot of those old domains and backlinks from them for its traffic.

So if anything I'll probably end up taking a hit from this.

Hmm, maybe we should have an IRC channel like reddit :).

#startups (on Freenode) is an IRC channel, as jacquesm noted.

It shouldn't have any effect since Google views subdomains as separate entities. This is why it's better to have your company blog at www.domain.com/blog as opposed to blog.domain.com. Getting a lot of links to blog.domain.com doesn't help www.domain.com.

I was aware of that with Google (at present) but am not sure of the situation with Bing (or others) - that's why I asked, kinda.

I thought jacquesm might be ahead of the curve on something here or that he knew some trick for multiple category ranking or something.

I'd also imagine that it increases the instantaneous value of the domain from a sale perspective as a wider range of pages can be presented in the SERPs on a domain that has many subdomains if some subdomain is relevant to a particular search alongside the main domain.

Was just a thought really, thanks to jacquesm for answering.

Thank you for this awesome offer!

Is alex.ww.com abandoned? If so, can you please do alex.ww -> alexanderkharlamov.com ?

Thank you!

It's been abandoned since 2003, so you can have it.

Thanks a lot!!!

wrv.ww.com -> http://www.waveridingvehicles.com/

WRV is a local surf shop where I live and while I don't own the website I hate having to type in their URL. I think it would be a nice gift, even if it's temporary.

Thanks in advance.

hey drey,

that one was used in the past but is free now, so you can have it.

please count me in...


Yes, it's a palindrome.

Ok, that one is fine as well.

That's going to be a long dns file :)

Hi Jacques, if it's not too late any chance of code.ww.com to quietcode.com. It appears to be free.

Thanks heaps

Yes, that's good.

Thanks. Have you spent the last 15 hours just hitting refresh on this page? Looking at your response times here, it doesn't look like you've taken much of a break :)

I actually just woke up after a few hours of sleep, I expected 'a few takers' but nothing on this scale :)

Indirectly this is good proof of how large HN has become, just imagine that a substantial fraction had responded I'd be busy for a week or more just to check availability.

And that's the funny thing, so far only a few that were still in active use.

Great offer! I'd like

   michiel.ww.com CNAME michielovertoom.com
Thank you very much.

Last active in 2003, so you're welcome to take that one.


dns: ns1.nightlylabs.com ns2.nightlylabs.com

Thank you so much!

Sorry, but pics.ww.com (try your link!) happens to be a live service (see note elsewhere in this thread about 'reserved names').

photos.ww.com ?

img.ww.com ?

Haha should have checked my bad.

photos and img are both free, you can have either one.

Can I just go with levy.ww.com please?

Hi, thank you so much for your generosity. How about gxs or gss cname to guillermosalazar.com?


yes, that's free.

Can I have penetration-testing.ww.com -> www.mandalorian.com please?

Thanks for the awesome offer!

That one is free, so yes, you can.

I would be happy to have flashcards.ww.com => flashcarddb.com

Thank you if or if not possible!

Yes, that's a free one.

jasonmiller.ww.com CNAME jasonmmiller.org (Having a common name is sometimes a pain)

(And Thanks!)

That one is good

rf.ww.com >

mc.ww.com >

If the former is not available, the latter is my second choice. If neither are available, I shall pass. Thanks for the awesome generosity, nice people are my favourite internet people :p

Check the 'two letter limit'. Min = 3 letters!

I read through twice to make sure and I managed to miss the most important part, silly me. I withdraw my request then, good luck! :-)

Would it be possible to get banks.ww.com CNAME jeremybanks.com? Many thanks!

Yes that one is not in use as far as I can see.

Hey jacquesm, thanks! Could you setup mariana.ww.com CNAME epiphany.net.ve?

Yes that's good.

If you don't mind, could I have zoink.ww.com point to zoink.com? Thanks!!

Yes, sure.

Unfortunately "mst.ww.com" appears taken.

In that case, I'd like:

chocolatefactory.ww.com IN A

mst has been abandoned so you can have that one.

How about daw.ww.com CNAME to thesmartestpeopleever.com?

Thanks for being so generous!

yes, that's good.

Cool idea. I would like yhager.ww.com CNAME to yhager.com please.

That one is ok.

Thanks so much!!. would it be possible to get

audio.ww.com -> benbloomberg.com

That's good.

can you add

vincent.ww.com -> and/or canada.ww.com -> and/or vhs.ww.com ->

in order of preference That would be awesome! Thank you so much in advance!

Vincent is good.

george.ww.com looks taken, but perhaps abandoned? If so, I'd love to have it point to georgehuger.com

If that's not possible, qeorge.ww.com -> georgehuger.com would be cool too.

Thanks, jacques!

It's been idle since 2004, so it's yours now.

Thank you, sir!

Can I get CNAME for mma.ww.com to www.fighter.pro? Thanks!

Abandoned since '05, so that's fine.

Could I have drew -> www.drewtaylor.com? Thanks a ton!

Yes, that one was in use until 2003 so I think the old owner won't mind too much :)

Sweet, I'd take: nyc.ww.com => nyc.sewell.ch (CNAME)

excellent choice ;)

You've got it.

oh man, i would love to have httpw.ww.com CNAME doig.me

hm that's a bit fishy though

Intended purpose ?

nothing malign, just think its a neat, clever url. I'd probably use it as a shortener for a couple of my blogs, but if it doesn't sit well with you, can I have jed.ww.com?

jed is cool.

And I agree it's clever ;)

great! thank you

I see you've already taken care of wwdotcom.ww.com :-)

There's a wild card handler on there, so that's free if you want it but I think it would fall under the 'representation' bit :)

I've obviously missed the deadline, but I'm frankly amazed that searching this page for "rubba" doesn't come back with anything!

No one thought of Rub-a-dub-dub?

Could I get e.ww.com CNAME waylaid.org? Thank you. :)

Check the length limit clause please.

Could I have hosting.ww.com CNAME hostingreborn.com?

Yes, on the condition that you take the 'no representation bit to heart' you've got it.

Absolutely, not a problem with that at all.

Edit: confirmation email sent as requested. Many thanks!

rob.ww.com -> robryancoding.com seems to be something there, not sure whats classed as abandoned otherwise just robryan.ww.com Thanks!

Abandoned since '01 so I don't think he'll mind.

Cool, thanks!

Dear sir,

Would it possible to get CNAME nan.ww.com -> nan.bitfreezer.com ?


Yes, you can have that one.

Great, thanks

How about pshc.ww.com CNAME paulcollier.ca? Thanks!

Ok, that's free.

Can I get 666.ww.com CNAME leethaxor.boldlygoingnowhere.org ?


39 minutes since my prediction :)

Yes that's fine.

I had no idea what to pick, was scrolling through the thread, and saw your post ;)

How about atp.ww.com -> allthingsprogress.com?

Yes, that's fine with me.


I'd love to have bqb.ww.com -> bitquabit.com

ok, that's yours.

I am stupid, I don't get it: what's special about having a ww.com subdomain? Is there a pun or something in the english language?

hi Jacques, If this is not too late, I would love to get a subdomain : exo.ww.com == going to ==> sbstest.typenfind.com Dan

Yes, that's good.

Thanks Jacques! Are you French BTW? any idea when it's going to be up?

You're welcome.

No, I'm Dutch. Just my name :)

It'll be up in another 4 hours when this thread goes dead. Otherwise I have to go through the whole thing twice.

How about arek.ww.com ->

Thanks, by the way.

Yes, that one is fine with me.

programbler.ww.com CNAME blog.sthrs.me okay? I'd really appreciate it, and thanks for the offer anyway if you don't accept.

It's good, you've got it.

build.ww.com > getsetweb.in

I am developing a "data first, design next" web cms for static websites and blogs. Would love one! Thanks :)


Can I get currus.ww.com ->

Yes, that's free.


Yes, that's cool, you've got it.

Oh shoot, I just deleted my comment because I went back and saw that it looks like aph.ww.com isn't redirecting to the home page and I didn't want to bother you if it did.

If it's available, then, I'd appreciate the aph.ww.com -> aph.erikd.org

Thanks! :)

It's ok, lots of people forget to check so I check them anyway, and if the user that used that page hasn't used it in a bunch of years then I'm cool with it.

Don't forget that the first users signed up in '98 and they're long gone, most of the first names were nice & short so there is a good chance they're not actually in use.

I will still have to go through the logs to see if these don't have backlinks pointing to them, but I assume that isn't the case.

In that case, could I please have asif.ww.com if that user isn't using it?

Thanks for your generosity again :)

yes, sure, that's been abandoned since 2001.

Awesome - thanks so much! Sending email now

Weird - no longer seeing my post upthread like I did before, so now not sure if you were replying to me. Board hiccup maybe? (or I'm easily confused late on a Friday...)

Going to repost below as a reply for reference so thread still makes sense. Thx again


Very cool offer - thank you. I'm probably begging for a karma hit here, but any chance I could get seo.ww.com? It resolves, but you mentioned that many accounts are abandoned, so figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

CNAME to 8020seo.com if possible - thanks!

Added note: site is still under construction at the moment, but is a web service company and will be not at all spammy.

that's been idle since 2005 so I'm ok with it.

Sure, I'd love one.

w.ww.com (hey i can hope :P) ip:

edit: i won't use it for anything nonkosher. edit2: Changed my mind to 'w-ww'?

ah, sorry, new rule :)

I should have added that right away, sorry.

Anything smaller than 3 letters is out for technical reasons.

How about 'yan' then? (You've inspired me to start a similar thread :)

edit: would w-ww work also?

yan is cool, you've got it

How about nic.ww.com to :)

Sure. It's yours.

Very cool, zack.ww.com ==> hm.zackham.com?

Thank you!

That's good.

Hey, I would like






Yes that's ok.

portman.ww.com CNAME www.portmanwills.com

Not sure what I would want to do with it yet, but very cool and generous idea!

That's ok, it was used in the past but has been abanoned, so it's yours now.

Cool, thankyou!

timf.ww.com -> www.peakscale.com

Hey Tim, you've got it.

gee.ww.com ->

I think its taken, but if abandoned, I'd love to have it for my blog, thanks!!

Abandoned since '03, so it's yours.

Awesome, thanks :)

api.ww.com CNAME kyleconroy.com

hm that's tricky, we are planning to put an api on to ww.com in the next couple of months for widgets and stuff like that, I'm really sorry.

The same goes for:

maint, dbmaster, www (obviously), video, upload, postcards, dev, mobile, index, eliteindex, chat, files, pics, mob, signup, www, counters and secure (I think that's all of them).

No need to apologize, I totally understand. Could I get derf.ww.com? It appears to be free.

Yes, that one was in use but until '03 so I'm ok with that.


Ah, of course excellent point. ftp, mail, etc also excepted.

For obvious reasons.

Thanks jasquesm!

235.ww.com -> 235nuclear.com

that's a new kind, numerical!

You've got it. Now waiting for 666.ww.com ;)

Hi! Please link igor.ww.com to - this is my personal website. Thanks!

Hi as well, Igor, ok that's yours now.

duncanspencer.ww.com -> duncanspencer.com (

I Appreciate it.

That one is free, so that was easy :)

brad.ww.com => bradlyfeeley.com

If that is still active, bradly.ww.com => bradlyfeeley.com


It looks like it has been abandoned so that's fine.

One more if its allowed:

careers.ww.com -> caree.rs


That one is good, you've got it.


I'll take sjs.ww.com off your hands :) Really cool of you. Thanks!


Ok, you've got it.

Is mark.ww.com taken?

mark.ww.com CNAME mark.nirv.net


Yes, but it's been abandoned since 2002.

So you're welcome to have it.

Great idea.

benjoffe.ww.com -> www.benjoffe.com


That one is free, so it's yours.

Thanks jacquesm, though oddly it has been giving an error for the last few hours:

http://benjoffe.ww.com/ Site Temporarily Unavailable

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this. error id: "bad_httpd_conf"

Other *.ww.com subdomains are working on my machine so I'm assuming it's an error with the site.


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