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[dupe] Sony Claims They Own 47 Seconds of a Musicians Own Recording of Bach (twitter.com)
17 points by djsumdog 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

And thus we see the problem with this "voluntary" enforcement that YouTube and FB do. While there are penalties for false DMCA claims, there are none for claims in these "voluntary compliance" systems.

The DMCA has no penalties for making a claim like this. Sony is claiming that he copied a recording that they actually own the copyright for. The DMCA's penalty for false claims only kicks in if they falsely claim to own the copyright, not if they falsely claim infringement.

EG: If I falsely claim to own the copyright to your post, that would be a violation of a statement made under penalty of perjury. If I falsely claim that your post infringes the copyright of some other post that I once made that would not be a violation punishable under the DMCA's false claims provisions.

It could still be slander of title or some similar violation, of course.

Couldn't you still sue them in small claims court for libel?

So Sony gets to control his facebook page, wow.

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