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Internet Architecture Board on the Australian Assistance and Access Bill [pdf] (iab.org)
38 points by walterbell 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

We, the people, have already been empowered[1] with tools that allow us to route around essentially any internet legislation (legally, too).

Encrypt everything.

We no longer have to be naked in the “Garden of Eden.”

[1] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer_(cipher)

You can trust your software only as much as you can trust your hardware. If the hardware (or opaque firmware that you can't control) is specifically furnished with a government-imposed backdoor, secretly from everyone, then software encryption may give you little.

Transparency / openness of hardware gives you more chance, but it's hard to obtain.

It seems like even with open source hardware, if the manufacturer is not trusted they could still inject a secret backdoor into it.

I'm both amazed and terrified that hardware has gotten so microscopic that it's essentially impossible to be 100% sure that what you designed is exactly what is on the chip.

I believe that inspection of chips is possible, but it's really really expensive, and necessarily destructive, so you can only test a random sample.

I think the military can / have to afford this; consumers who want a few megaflops for a few cents have to trust the foundry.

While not perfect, you should check out FIPS 140-2 (and the forever in progress FIPS 140-3).

Why Lucifer? What is the significance of that cypher today? Is the Wikipedia even detailed enough to implement it?

It was the first civilian block cypher.

The bill was in gestation for 2 years. It's over 200 pages. They allowed 28 days for comment.

If it was a tactic, it didn't work. They received 14,000 responses on Monday (the last day for submissions), presumably additional ones on previous days. They came from all over the world - MIT submitted one.

They are required (by law) to read them all before responding. The have said they would respond in a week. Someone is going to working long hours.

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