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MS Paint IDE (ms-paint-i.de)
146 points by tosh on Sept 11, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 34 comments

Paint is good for editing config files and simple projects, but for more advanced programming GIMP is better. It is extensible and offers a vast range of plug-ins for making things easier.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of using it with Java, and I prefer the Paint.NET IDE.

Paint 3D would be the clear winner for enterprise-grade software.

An entire new dimension of capabilities, yeah. Why compose behavior in 2 dimensions when the world exists in 3.

I find Photoshops filters superior when it comes to converting between data formats

Maybe but I think Photoshop could beat both of them.

[Seems a bit early for April fools]

Not sure why this is being downvoted. Photoshop has been scriptable in JavaScript since at least 2003


What do you mean by editing your config files in paint?

even the webpage is using AngularDart. This is a person that goes out of their way to make interesting choices.

This is breathtakingly stupid, and I absolutely love it

"Sometimes a 99% accuracy parsing". Well I'm sold.

We had this. It was called Flash and it was glorious.

Right? gotoAndPlay as a function still holds a special place in my heart. It was a damned great environment for building interactive games!

> Superiority

> It's not Eclipse.

Shots fired.

This is...something.

Outstanding work. Will the VIM plugin come out soon? But this really improves productivity already. I have setup several hot keys to shortcuts to MS Paint IDE that save me from having to use the mouse and keep my hands on the keyboard. Great time saver.

Finally, a graphical programming environment that is as fast as programming with text files.

Truly wonderful in its awfulness.

Seems like a slightly more practical version of this: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2414796

I'm not sold by this IDE, like most other products from MS. :-(

No matter how many fancy features it boasts to have, if it is not open source, I won't consider it.

I think Adobe Illustrator would be an excellent IDE. I think Adobe gave up on the coding business too soon after ColdFusion didn't work out so well.

Yes, I think your programs would be smaller because they are saved as vectors instead of rasters.

Having developed in ColdFusion approximately a decade ago, before the product we used (and I as a developer) switched to .NET, I did a quick search.

It looks like it's still being developed at least. All this time later I still liked how easy it was to cfdump anything (at least there's LINQPad supports it for .NET) and how nice FusionReactor was for troubleshooting issues.

We used a bit of closed-source software but FR could be configured to sit between all db calls, which helped us point out some rather inefficient queries the CMS was doing.

Every now and again I see a .cfm in the URL and wouldn't mind working (briefly) with the language again.

EDIT: Still looking around at ColdFusion, I think really the price is what resulted in it's lack of adoption. Typical Adobe pricing that's focused on enterprise usage.

You could argue it was originally created as an IDE for PostScript.

I see fabulous opportunities to get creative in the code comments area.

Does this version compile TIFF?

What about compiling an animated GIF, I have a few ideas to abuse that feature...

Does it support coding in Comic Sans?

This is... a thing??

I suppose your one of those “plain text should be used as an interface everywhere” developers, eh?

Did you even try using images? It’s not like it’s hard like learning VIM or something.


Using images instead of text files saved my life! Not dealing with version control saves so much time and improves my productivity to other spheres.


I can't tell if this is a joke or not

It's both I think

Finally Windows got ready to programming.

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