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Has anyone here migrated back from lambda to conventional servers? How was the experience like. Is there any straightforward way to convert serverless projects to traditional services en masse. In what cases would you recommend moving away from serverless?

We have from Google cloud functions because they are a joke (see cold start graph on OP link). Even during development it was horribly painful to have 10+ second call times on many many requests while testing (and the same in production). Even requests that are only a few minutes or seconds away from each other would cold start randomly.

I already had a centralised entry point for cloud functions (just a basic abstraction), but generally they are pretty much wrapped Express requests, in GCP at least, and AWS too I think so the experience should be similar between AWS and GCP.

Changing that to be actual pure Express functions and not use the cloud functions API was pretty easy and quick, and while I was there I refactored our entry points a bit to be easier to migrate in the future.

The only thing that took time was making a new deployment process (we moved to App Engine so it's still "kinda serverless"). Since cloud functions have their own deployment system, I had to write our own deployment scripts, management of environments and so on rather than relying on the one provided by firebase cloud functions. Not a lot of work really, and this is something you would need if you have your own seevers anyway.

Once you have this done, it's pretty easy to move your "cloud functions" to any scaling node server host, or even to another cloud FaaS provider.

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