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If you save after every change why don't you use an auto save feature?

I do the same as parent comment.

I had previously automated it; from simple timers, to every X seconds of inactivity; and in my experience with it, the automation took away time when some editor/compiler stops your flow (errors out/fatally because you haven't completed your current typing), or more importantly, that setup started either colliding with the key press save muscle memory (leading to some frustration when the editor just paused slightly for analysis twice) or slowly removing that muscle memory when working with other editors/setup that didn't have the feature enabled.

I've since turned back (ages ago) and prefer this mental trigger to save and check for compilation/analysis at a pause in the flow.

I really feel that works best, I'm sure the automatic save will work for others...

Touché. Will check if VSCode has such a feature.

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