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Tis’ Death to Counterfeit: New England Counterfeiters in NY (newyorkhistoryblog.org)
17 points by lermontov 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

The jurisdictional dispute was interesting to read about. I knew there were issues with agreeing exactly where borders lay in the past or people not realizing they had crossed the border. I was unaware of any instances where states outright declared they we're enforcing their laws in other states territories.

I would be interested in reading other examples of such debates if you happened to know of any

This actually happened in te 19thh century:


TL;DR, Michigan and Ohio almost fought over who got the city of Toledo.

That's fascinating. I can't even imagine what the federal government's response to an event like this would be nowadays. Arresting the governors? Deploying the us army against the state militias?

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