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Hugo has gotten very confusing as it has become more powerful. They are moving so fast and people are doing crazy stuff with it now! As the maintainer of a simple Hugo theme and a few simple blogs I can hardly keep up.

I am not a web developer.

I have been following Hugo development, and I see that a lot of new features are getting added. But if it's something that I don't care about (i18n, SASS support, archetypes update, etc) I just ignore and don't use the new features.

I'm interested in knowing the overhead you are facing in keeping up. I just read the Release notes, and often find something I really wanted in the next update (if not everything in that update).

Overall Hugo development is quite conservative about introducing backward incompatible changes. They do happen, but very rarely (sign of progress). I remember the last time that happened about a year back when Page Bundles got introduced.

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