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If all you care about is increasing wealth, sure. If you care about a stable home, no.

You can sign up for rent at $2k a month, get the kids into school etc, then a year later the owner decides to sell, or increase the price by 50%, and you're stuck trying to find somewhere else to live near the school, subjecting yourself to the cost and stress of moving.

Moving across town every year when you're in your 20s is easy, rent a u-haul and you're done in a weekend. Owning a house when you are changing jobs every year or two like many people now is a ball-and-chain.

However later in life when you want stability, and want to stay in the same home for a decade plus (average time in a given house in UK is 21 years), owning is very beneficial. You only move when you want to move, the landlord can't kick you out on a month's notice.

Although no one enjoys moving, it's not exactly common enough to factor in a decision between renting vs owning. The bigger factor is not having to spend any time doing maintenance or yard work. Those tasks can take up weekends or entire weeks.

I think a lot of that depends on whether you have kids. If you're single, or even married, moving is a hassle, but so are yard work and maintenance. But after you have kids, yard work and maintenance don't actually get any harder. Moving does.

Yard work and maintenance can also be fulfilling, either in the sense of "this is my home and I'm putting work into it to benefit my family", or in the sense of, "riding lawnmowers around is a decently fun way to spend a couple hours outdoors". Hell, I volunteered for that chore when I was a kid (and was old enough to safely operate the lawnmower).

I kind of miss yard work now. At least some parts of it. Chainsaws are fun.

It's not the effort of moving (although that is massively painful), it's the effect on children's friends, schooling and education

This is not really an issue. In fact if you rent a house sometimes the landlord wants you to maintain the yard!

This is true. But you're not the one buying and installing a new washer or stove.

That's £10 a month, out of your £1500 rent.

I feel the opposite is true, but I have no data to support it

You're right, you could be forced to move. However, there are plenty of rentals that will remain rentals for very long periods of time, effectively forever. I've been on both sides, i.e. Having to move out sooner than I wanted but alternatively being in a rental home that's been so for decades. The main thing is having a conversation with the landlord or property manager and sussing out their longer term goals for the property.

By saving on renting I'm in a much better position financially than I otherwise would've been owning a home. My savings rate is high enough where if push came to shove I could buy the property I'm renting.

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