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IMHO Reddit version feels better. It has both the hour as well as day sliders and multiple controls for the same.

It is, but this was just whipped up in a couple of hours this morning to get going fast ;-)

That said, something about the Reddit one's approach to separating days and hours doesn't feel right to me. Two interfaces for controlling one variable (in essence). Copying that would be easy but it doesn't smell right to me though I'm open to opinions and suggestions.

I totally agree with this sentiment, but you do have two ways that people want to interact with the data. Scrub by day, scrub by hour, depending on what level of detail is wanted. You might need still two controls, but they should at least be the same type of controls.

Alternatively, you could add a drop down to select the granularity and then use a single slider control.

Edit: This is based on just seeing the reddit one, BTW. I tried to check out yours, but it seems that it's popularity has flooded the server.

You have a good point. I'll give it some thought now..

it seems that it's popularity has flooded the server.

Try again - it's not the load but something weird in my Apache setup (I'm suspecting Passenger) that causes it to pass out every now and then load or not :-(

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